Econoxy India Jewels

Augmented reality mirror !

Try Live Jewelry with simple gestures in air !
Most advanced technology revolution integrated with core jewelry business
We utilized Augmented Reality to improve your core business and not just to showcase some technology !

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Econoxy Jewels

Every buyer has some unique choices !
with this thought in mind we thought of providing the user with unlimited stocks of Jewelry !

  • Jewels provide Augmented reality mirror, so don’t just see a photo, wear it LIVE and share it on social media !
  • Jewels provides the buyer with LIVE mirror, to showcase a wide range of ornaments, with a simple gestures in air !
  • Jewels learns the buyers selection, and would suggest related ornaments based on their browsing history
  • Jewels provides the owner to manage the catalogue, orders, payment and shipping directly from their existing Off-line stores

experience the difference !